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Work Experience

Work Experience is a 1-10 day placement, where students are to participate in the workplace operations under close supervision and instruction. This allows our students to gain (often for the first time)  ‘world of work' experiences.

Work Experience allows our students to:

Explore first hand the nature of the ‘world of work' and the ‘workplace' during a pre-planned supervised placement.

Be introduced to industries, occupations and jobs within our community.

Gain firsthand workplace learning experiences

Thus it is a major part of their understanding of the ‘world of work' and how they see themselves participating in the ‘work of work' once they leave school.

Bourke High School's Past and Current Work Experience Programs:-

Your City—Sydney Rotary Club

Silverwater– Bourke/Silverwater Rotary Clubs

Individual placement in and around Bourke

Work Experience is generally planned for our Year 10 Students,  after their School Certificate Examinations Mid Term 4.